This document is intended to help you get started using the platform. ...

  • ... can be used as a data repository for geospatial data
  • ... allows users to upload, store, and manage spatial data in a variety of formats
  • ... provides a web-based interface for visualizing and querying data
  • ... can be used to create and serve maps, including tiled maps and vector data
  • ... supports a wide range of open geospatial standards and protocols, including OGC and WMS

The software behind is called "GeoNode". The usage like uploading data, creating or styling maps is explained in the official documentation at:

The most important sections are:

We ask you to read it before using the platform!

It is understood that you may not upload data or use it in any way that is harmful to the platform or others using it.

Furthermore, you agree not to upload unnecessary data, that is, data that does not have a specific task or data that is insufficiently prepared in its structure.

After each upload you are obliged to fill in the metadata. While many fields are optional, the last tab of the metadata wizard "DAI Metadata" must be filled in completely for each new record! This document explains how to edit the metadata Edit Metadata.

Different visibility levels can be added to each resource in the system. Which allow or prohibit access for others. Please study the instructions linked above for more information.

By registering with our system, you have further consented to the processing of your data. You can find out more about this here.